Manufacturing Executive Expert - Wayne Filichowski

Wayne is a seasoned general manager who creates value for manufacturers by directly enabling performance improvement. In senior management roles, Wayne turned around three major business units where he used his leadership skills to build high performance operations with outstanding and sustained P&L and ROI results.

In recent assignments, he has consulted extensively for Activplant Corporation, and leading Tier I automotive manufacturers.

Wayne has directly led lean manufacturing transformations in companies ranging in size from $3 million to $3.5 Billion.

At AVS Systems, he is now using his domain expertise to guide client companies in achieving operational excellence through leading edge technology solutions implemented over lean/green processes.

Specialties: Wayne’s specialties are:
• Designing high value manufacturing apps
• Top and bottom line improvement
• Business turnarounds and lean transformation
• Process troubleshooting

Listing created May 2, 2020