Smart Manufacturing/Digital Transformation Analyst - Julie Fraser

Passionate and committed thought leader on how production companies can develop leading business strategies, execute against them them with effective processes and keep it all going with the use of information technology.

In her personal and newest business venture, Fraser creates a safe space for people feeling fragmented to embrace the healing power of their wholeness. Teaches mindfulness practices for leaders, teams, organizations, and also individuals seeking greater well-being. Her compassion and belief in human spirit and internal wisdom is as expansive as the universe within which her programs help people understand their impact.

Fraser is a world-recognized authority on the business value of plant floor systems and how production plays into supply chain and product lifecycle issues. All projects result in concrete deliverables. My mission is to make production industries more successful by helping buyers and sellers of technology communicate more effectively and make good decisions. Mechanisms include educating the market, conducting research, writing papers, etc.

Specialties: Experiential learning teacher for yoga and other mindfulness practices. Understanding, synthesizing and articulating what matters to companies in specific production industries and how buyers and sellers of supporting technology can find and communicate with each other. Writing, public speaking, volunteering, researching, and advising are all components of delivering that capability.

Listing created May 2, 2020