Rik Geerts

Senior Solution Architect and Senior Advisor specialized in Smart Manufacturing.
Rik's Mission is to Provide Guidance and Support Out of his Vault of Knowledge and Experience for the Manufacturing Operations Management Processes and Integration to ERP and Controls
Involved in automation system design and implementation in a wide range of solutions in the manufacturing space
Focus during a more than 30-year journey has been Electrical, Instrumentation, Automation (EI&A), Plant IT and MOM / MES.
Has led the effort in a large food processing company to foster a strong relationship between admin and plant IT
Starting in the late 80’s he was a leader in CIM (Computer Integrated Manufacturing) that turned into MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems)
In mid-90’s he was driving the Corporate MES strategy at the headquarters and he returned to Belgium to handle the famous Y2K issue!
In 1999 he implemented his first full MES solution and in the years after that he was leading a European business unit EI&A. He added product specification management and quality solutions to his portfolio
In 2007 he returned to the US being part of a large SAP implementation project. He decided to live in the US!
Over the years Rik became an evangelist for MOM / MES

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